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About Us

UAB Gortop, which has been operating for many years now, offers its clients a wide range of quality services. Our goal is to meet customer needs no matter what. Wide range of services is our uniqueness.

By providing custom solutions in a variety of areas, we help our customers to resolve even the biggest rebus they come accross with. Moreover, we guarantee immediate assistance and professional service in every step of our cooperation. After all, everyone can agree that humanity in purchasing goods or services is the one that is most often lacking – it is not the quality nor the price. Therefore, our goal is to communicate and collaborate with our customers.

Our services

How can we help


If you need individual logistics solutions, please contact our specialists. We offer not only one-off logistic offers, we provide long-term logistics solutions from “door-to-door” as well.


We mediate in the financing and coordination of major projects. We will make a decision even for the most complex project.


We offer insurance for transport, property and travel under very attractive conditions. We strive to provide high quality insurance services at the best price.