Our services

Customers are constantly contacting us with a variety of problems, faced by non-professional vendors and service providers. They expect us to be heard and understood. Our experience and vision allow us to implement the most complex projects in various fields. Only by truly listening and understanding the needs of our customers have we earned the satisfaction and appreciation of our customers.

Mutual respect in co-operation is one of the key aspects of our company, which guarantees not only a full success but business and service development as well. A satisfied customer is the one we seek daily. For the convenience of the customers, we are constantly developing and expanding our package of goods and services.

There is nothing impossible to UAB „Gortop“ – contact us with your individual needs and we will find the best solution together!

Trade in beef offal

We sell frozen beef offal. Our range includes liver, heart, tongue, lungs, fat, dried blood – bone marrow. 

Trade in pork offal

We provide the supply of frozen pork offal.

Wooden pallets

For the convenience of our customers, we can offer both EURO and non-standard pallets. Contact us even if the solution you need is extraordinary.

Metal goods

We sell various metal structures for specialized machinery (i.e., fire trucks, loggers, off-road machines), offer high quality frames, underframes, constructions, etc. 

Financial intermediation

We mediate in the financing and coordination of major projects. We will make a decision even for the most complex project. 

Non-Life Insurance

We offer insurance for transport, property and travel under very attractive conditions. We strive to provide high quality insurance services at the best price.

Logistics solutions

If you need individual logistics solutions, please contact our specialists. We offer not only one-off logistic offers, we provide long-term logistics solutions from “door-to-door” as well.